About our joint process that we have gone through so far.
Discover the insights we created during each step in this process.

Our process

Between October 2018 - April 2020, Flanders Circular / OVAM and the Delta Atelier jointly explored the theme of Circular (City) Ports in close collaboration with port authorities, port cities, other relevant parties and experts.

Next steps

Phase 3: joint formulation of next steps (March 2020 - May 2020)

Based on previous phases (2 and 3), various action lines were formulated during work sessions, which respond to the changing values, roles and spaces in this circular transition. With a core group of various port and port-related actors, these action lines were further refined and substantiated during four interactive webinars.

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01. Exploration

Phase 1: bundling and structuring circular projects of 11 port regions (October 2018 - April 2019)

The exploratory study started by collecting various circular initiatives and projects from 11 (city) ports in the Delta, before analyzing and structuring them. The concept of circularity and (city) port was examined from different points of view and aspects, and insights were gathered on the basis of interviews, debates and various work sessions. The exploration brought a better understanding of the state of the art and of innovations, as well as of the individual and shared needs for knowledge and support in function of a structured transition to circular ports.

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02. Valorization

Phase 2: identifying recurring circular projects and knowledge needs (October 2019 – December 2019)

After the exploration, a step was taken from documenting, collecting and understanding to exploring new strategies, stimulating frameworks and concrete projects in and for circular (city) ports. Different project environments were identified, where specific business chains, materials and skills can belong, and where also an adapted framework fits in terms of regulations, infrastructure, facilities ... These project environments, the 'circular building blocks for the future', were presented in a fictional port corridor as a representation of new circular initiatives and projects for our port system.

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What preceded

Since 2016, the Delta's field of activity and research agenda has been mapped with debate sessions such as Designing the Future and a research-by-design De Lage Landen 2020-2100 – Een toekomstverkenning (The Lowlands 2020-2100 – A foresight) . In the context of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam IABR – 2018, a Call for Practices was sent out on the basis of an initial research agenda, led by Architecture Workroom Brussels and in collaboration with the Atelier Rijksbouwmeester, the teams Vlaams Bouwmeester and IABR.

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