Let's learn from ongoing practices to guide future changes. By building a common knowledge base we make the complex circular transition more tangible.


Learning is more than just collecting as many practices as possible. The beating heart of a continuous learning process is the observing and analyzing of these practices in the (city) port area, the follow up on the dynamics and making insights transferable and applicable elsewhere. Mapping good practices helps to generate new insights into the functioning of projects here and now as into the new challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed in the future.

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Circular (city) ports practices in detail

Area Manager Kanaalkant - Antwerp

Beelen Recycling - North Sea Port

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant - North Sea Port

Bio Base Europe Training Center - North Sea Port

Biopark Terneuzen - North Sea Port

Blue Line Logistics - Antwerp

Blue Gate - Antwerp

BlueChem - Antwerp

Boer Group Recycling Solutions - Dordrecht

Cirkelstad Drechtsteden - Dordrecht

City Depot - Brussels

Clean Capital - Amsterdam

Cleantech Cluster Region Ghent - North Sea Port

Cluster 2.0 - Duisburg

Duurzaamheidsfabriek - Dordrecht

Ecopal - Dunkirk

Estener - Le Havre

Factory for the Future: Greenbridge - Ostend

Flanders Biobased Valley - North Sea Port

Galloo Ghent - North Sea Port

Green Mills - Amsterdam

Greenbizz - Brussels

Groencollect - Rotterdam

Haropa - Le Havre

Heros Sluiskil - North Sea Port

Hydrogen Pipeline Gasunie Dow and Yara - North Sea Port

Irisphere - Brussels

Lean Der - Duisburg

Logistics Platforms - Brussels

Makers District - Rotterdam

Material Village - Brussels

Port Feeder Barge - Hamburg

Prodock - Amsterdam

Remanufacturing - Dordrecht

Renasci - Ostend

Smart Delta Resources - North Sea Port

Smart Port Initiatives - Hamburg

Start Port - Duisburg

Stora Enso Langerbrugge - North Sea Port

Synerzip - Le Havre

Toile Industrielle - Dunkirk

Toile Industrielle - Le Havre

TSR The Metal Company - Hamburg


Wednesday 2 September 2020

Bridging the gap between policy and the operational side of the companies by encouraging the right organisations to start projects


Thursday 3 September 2020

Working on circular demolitions: trying to reuse a higher amount of building and demolition waste or transforming them in raw material


Thursday 3 September 2020

“Process development, scale-up and custom manufacturing”


Thursday 3 September 2020

“Information, training and networking in the biobased economy field”


Thursday 3 September 2020

The biopark represents a new way of thinking to create agro-industrial sustainability


Wednesday 2 September 2020

“Blue Line Logistics will bring a revolution into inland shipping”


Tuesday 7 July 2020

Business park for innovative companies


Wednesday 2 September 2020

A unique collaboration between industry, government and knowledge institutions


Wednesday 2 September 2020

A platform for innovative developments in the field of textile recycling


Wednesday 2 September 2020

An opportunity to share insights and include innovative parties


Tuesday 7 July 2020

Smart urban logistics


Tuesday 1 September 2020

A synergy to stimulate the circular economy in Amsterdam

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