Matchmaking in Antwerp port area: successful steps towards industrial symbiosis

50 companies take steps toward cooperation

On February 25, 2021, more than 50 companies and research institutions form the Antwerp port area participated in the second matchmaking workshop.

Based on feedback from the first workshop and the range of flows on the Smartsymbiosis platform, we identified more than 20 concrete residual flows for which high-quality applications were sought. These were addressed in the following thematic working groups:

  • organic chemical waste streams from recycling and alternatives to incineration with energy recovery
  • inorganic waste streams
  • wastewater: reuse, recovery of nutrients and secondary raw materials for water treatment
  • plastics



The participants brainstormed about existing bottlenecks, possible applications and elaborations of new applications, focused on ten specific waste streams. As a result, the parties involved agreed to further coordinate and initiate further actions: including setting up tests and research projects, contacting customers, deployment and exchange of specific technology.


Within the working group on inorganic waste streams, a higher-quality application was sought for two streams offered: sand from bottom ash and dredging sludge. An innovative production of bricks was identified as a possible application.

Next steps

Would you also like to investigate this kind of matchmaking opportunities? Try the online symbiosis platform.

Source: OVAM

Port of Antwerp



Photo by Magda Ehlers via Pexels

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